Best Court Marriage Advocate Firm in Ghaziabad

Court Marriage Advocate Firm in Ghaziabad


Are you looking for the best court marriage advocate firm in Ghaziabad and got stuck after searching so many options ? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re Vashisht Associates and we’re proudly one of the most trusted and effective court marriage firms in Ghaziabad. We’re provided court marriage services for many years and served thousands of satisfied customers in our career.


If a couple decided to perform their court marriage in Ghaziabad then there are lots of things, rules, acts, procedures and a lot more under which the couple have to go through and 90% of the couples didn’t know anything. With trusted and genuine assistance in court marriage in Ghaziabad, we help the couple to complete their marriage in the best way as per the law.


Our service is ranked as one of the best and most effective platforms which can complete your court marriage procedure in the most precise manner. Also, Vashisht Associates is a family of experts, and professional lawyers who are engaged in the law field for years and attain a high-quality experience through the time they spend in this field. We have the most talented personalities with us make us the most reliable and trustworthy court marriage associates in Ghaziabad.



Why should people hire a Court Marriage Firm in Ghaziabad ?


Court marriage firms make your work easy in many ways, all the major ways are listed below:-



Providing knowledge


When a couple hires a trusted court marriage then the lawyers of the court marriage associate take sessions for counseling where they talk to the couple and identify the case of the couple. If there is any variation in case one of the parties is divorced they treat the party accordingly.


Lower risk


When you have a specialist with you, you don’t need to worry because whatever the situation is available, your assistance will help you and make your marriage successful in the most appropriate way.


Fast procedure


While hiring fast procedure couples should check whether the firm is trusted or not. They help to complete the procedure in a fast way and let your work be done easily and in less time.


Saves your time and money


People who hire a genuine court marriage form in Ghaziabad will get their marriage done in less time and with less money.

And a lot more. Now, let us serve you what we’re giving to our potential customers who trusted Vashisht Associates as the Best court marriage form in Ghaziabad.



Services of Vashisht Associates


We’re one of the leading court marriage firms in Ghaziabad and our dedicated customers will get plenty of facilities which are listed below:-


Trust and excellence


We’re one of the most trusted and award-winning court marriage forms which serve thousands of people to get married with their love and live a pleasant and happy life. With Vashisht associates we serve the surety of trust and excellence.


Professional assistance


We’re the most famous lawyers working in court marriage fields from the year for fast and effective procedure. We have dedicated staff for every work in every regional office running throughout the nation. With professional assistance, we target to serve the best service which we can serve to you.


Affordability & dignity


We work with the approach of a service provider, not a business firm and that is why we facilitate our customers with affordability and dignity. Vashisht Associates is one of the most affordable and best court marriage firms in Ghaziabad. We give preference to serve the best services to our customers and not earning the maximum from them. The serving nature makes us more efficient so that we serve our customers with the best we have.


Fast and Steadiness


We have required staff filled with professionals and experts. We never place a heavy workload on limited staff. This brings a fast and steady process which we can serve to our customers. We don’t delay in providing the court marriage certificate and completing the procedure because we know that you’ve waited a lot for completing your marriage.


100% Genuine work


More than 90% of firms available online are fake. They don’t even have an office when you visit their address and plenty of them don’t even have offices. They’re only available to fraud the customers who didn’t know anything about court marriage procedure. If you wanna know more then keep ready because we have discussed the fraud done by these fake associates.


We’re registered with a genuine trademark which we show to every customer and are also aware of the fraudulent activities being done online. Customers who visit our office can see our trademark certification so that they can verify whether we’re genuine or not.


Not only this but we have a lot more to serve you. Well, our discussion is going long so keep reading because after this discussion no one makes you fool in the aspect of court marriage. As we have discussed in the above point regarding the fraud activities which are done in the name of the court marriage form. Now, we’re going to discuss the fraud which is done in the name of court marriage associates and also gonna tell you why you should trust us.


Frauds in Best Court marriage firms in Ghaziabad


Frankly speaking, the market for court marriage is wide. When we talk about the data, hundreds of people in Ghaziabad perform their marriage daily. People don’t know about how the work goes and what are needs, and requirements are for completing the court marriage. Fake lawyers and Fake Court marriage firms take advantage of this. They tell you the wrong and complex process and charge a high amount from you.


Not only this, but they also take some extra charges instead of fees in the name of procedure requirements. People who don’t know anything about court marriage procedures and documentation pay them and they exploit you very easily. Plenty of Fake court marriage Firms take advance money from you on call and don’t complete your work.


Our dedicated team surveyed the trustworthiness of court marriage firms in Ghaziabad and found more than 80% of the firms available online are not government registered and they’re working as an agent of other associates. They charge you a higher price and transfer your case to another associate who has a different charge system. Couples who are planning to complete their court marriage in Ghaziabad from a trusted court marriage should have done a proper search.


So, you have to be aware of the fraud court marriage Firm in Ghaziabad before going to hire a court marriage Firm in Ghaziabad. Does a question arise about how you can identify whether the court marriage firm is trusted or not? Yes, we respect your concern and that’s why we have discussed the minimum criteria which you should check before going to hire a court marriage firm for your court marriage in Ghaziabad.




3 महीने की वैधता अवधि बढ़ाने का धोखा 


 गाजियाबाद में फर्जी कोर्ट मैरिज पूरी करने के बाद गाजियाबाद में कई कोर्ट मैरिज फर्मों का दावा है कि उनकी शादी 3 महीने बाद वैध हो जाएगी।  आपको बता दें कि यह पूरी तरह से फ्रॉड है!!!!!!!!!


 3 महीने का समय अंतराल केवल नोटरी विवाह के मामले में मान्य है।  इसलिए अगर किसी वकील, एजेंट या दलाल ने कहा कि 3 महीने बाद शादी का रजिस्ट्रेशन हो जाएगा तो आप इस व्यक्ति से शिकायत करें क्योंकि इसमें शादी का कोई प्रावधान नहीं है और यह पूरी तरह से फर्जी है।



How to select the Best Court Marriage Firm in Ghaziabad ?


There are some basic standards which help you to get the best and most trusted court marriage firm in Ghaziabad:-


Reasonable charges


If some of the Court Marriage Firms charge you a big amount for just completing a court marriage then there is a high chance that the court marriage associates with which you’re dealing are fake. Likewise, if a court marriage associates charge you very low then also there is a possibility that the associate is a fraud. So, make sure that the charges should be reasonable and balanced when you’re going to select the Best Court Marriage Firm in Ghaziabad.


Registered Trademark


This is one of the best ways to identify whether the Court Marriage Firm is real or fake. When you go to search for the trademark then 90% of the firms are found unregistered and out of which plenty of associates are fake and fraudulent




Most of the Court marriage Firms are newly organised and they don’t show the customer lust that they previously did. If you’re working with a genuine Court Marriage Firm then they feel free to share the customer’s reviews that they got after completing the marriage. Also, make sure to only hire a court marriage associate which has completed at least 1000+ marriages or more.


Online presence


The Court Marriage Firm available in Ghaziabad shares the address of regional offices and photos of their office so that customers can visit their office. Also, you can easily search on various business portals like Google Business, Justdial and a lot more. Customers can easily check the ratings that they have from their previous customers.


Customer review


If a Court marriage Firm is real and trusted then it must have positive reviews from its customers. But, if the Firm you selected is fake then they didn’t have positive comments and don’t even have listings on the business platforms.


Why Choose Us 


We’re Vashisht Associates and we’re claiming to be the Best Court Marriage Firm in Ghaziabad. This is because of our 100% success rate of doing more than 3000+ court marriages in Ghaziabad. We’ve been in existence for 5 years and we’re claiming to be the most trusted Court marriage firm in Ghaziabad. We have the best and most affordable charges for court marriage in Ghaziabad so that people who have a low budget can also facilitate our services and complete their court marriage work in Ghaziabad.


We registered in 2018 and since getting registered we have served thousands of customers with positive reviews. Also, you don’t have to pay any amount before your work is done. We provide the service of a 100% refund if the marriage gets canceled by our customer and only charge the amount after the confirmation of the marriage certificate from the official government court marriage portal.


We’re a government-registered associate with a registered trademark of trusted court marriage associates in Ghaziabad. Also, we have the best lawyers who have worked with us for years. Our highly professional lawyers have a speciality to complete court marriage work easily and in a fast way. So, you just have to make a call or visit our office and we get you everything in return for your love and a nominal reasonable fee.



Note:- Privacy is our concern


We’re one of the most trusted and genuine court marriage firms in Ghaziabad which gives you the secrecy of your data. We promise our customers not to share their data with any third-party platform or any other associate. 



If you have any queries regarding our services or you wanna know anything about court marriage then you can take our counseling sessions which we provide you with our customers so that they get complete knowledge about court marriage work. You just have to make a call on +917428075218 or you can also visit our regional office following the address 212, First Floor, Advocate Tower, Sadar Tehsil Ghaziabad, Main Tahsil Road, Gandhi Nagar, Ghaziabad – 201001.



Vashisht Associates V/S Other Associates in Ghaziabad


Other Court marriage Firms in Ghaziabad Vashisht Associates
Prices are Very High and also attains Extra charges at the time of marriage. Affordable and reasonable price with guaranteed 0% extra and Hidden charges. Only one-time payment.
Less Trustworthy (No trademark) Government-registered court marriage firm with a dedicated trademark.
Slow and costly process, delay in getting marriage certificate The fast and rapid procedure with on-time certification.
Advance payment asked by the lawyers Rs. 0 charged as advance fees (Only 500/- registration fees for marriage registration) and a 100% refund guarantee in case the marriage got canceled.
No counseling and customer consultancy sessions/Paid counseling and customer consultancy sessions Counseling sessions are available for free to customers coming into the office. Proper customer guidance from professional lawyers.




Court Marriage Procedure in Ghaziabad : Under the Special Marriage act, 1954 


With us, you’ll get your marriage procedure done easily in no time. See the steps below to know the exact procedure of court marriage.


  • Firstly, the couple will have to complete the consultancy and hiring process with us and after that, we’ll help the couple to complete the arrangement of court marriage-related documents.
  • Once the documents get ready then we’ll give you a dedicated marriage registration form which is available in the court.
  • The couple will have to visit the court and take an appointment for their marriage date.
  • On the other date of appointment, our lawyer is the couple in the court and presents the application in front of the marriage registrar.
  • If any problem occurs then our lawyers can easily deal with it. Lastly, the marriage registrar verifies the documents and completes the final formalities.
  • Hence, the marriage gets completed then in a couple of days the couple will get their dedicated court marriage certificate.


Vashisht Associates is the only firm in Ghaziabad which provides the facility to show the customer the live procedure of marriage. We deal with plenty of customers and if someone wanna see the procedure of marriage which we have done may also come with us and we’ll show the live procedure of marriage proceed in court with our professional lawyer.


Court marriage procedure in Ghaziabad: Under the Hindu Marriage act, 1952 


If both parties belong to the Hindu religion and are willing to perform a court marriage under the Hindu marriage act, 1952 they follow the steps below:-


  • Firstly, we complete the counseling procedure of the couple and let them know everything which is needed as per the requirement of the court.
  • The couple fills out the form and suits the court. The marriage registrar gives the appointment date and the couple will have to wait till the date.
  • On the appointment day, we complete the Arya Samaj marriage under the government-registered Arya Samaj Mandir with proper rituals followed under the Hindu religion.
  • After completing the Arya Samaj marriage the couple directly visit the court and marriage registrar to verify their marriage and complete the procedure and final formalities.
  • The marriage registrar will verify all the documents and complete the court marriage of the couple under the Hindu marriage act, 1952.


Plenty of court marriage firms complete the marriage of the couple under an unregistered Arya Samaj Mandir. Let us tell you that if your marriage is not done under the government-authorized Arya Samaj Mandir then your marriage registration is not accepted and it becomes void. Also, you face issues with validating your VISA and getting recognition as a married couple globally. So, make sure that your marriage should be done under Registered Arya Samaj Mandir. If you’re a customer of Vashisht Associates then you don’t have to think about it because we have completed more than 3000+ Arya Samaj marriages all in government-registered Arya Samaj Mandir.



Documents required for Court Marriage in Ghaziabad


All the major documents which are required for completing the court marriage in Delhi are luster below:-


  • Address proof is one of the major documents required for completing the court marriage in Ghaziabad. The address proof must assure the residential address of both parties only in Ghaziabad.
  • Age-proof documents are required to check whether the parties are eligible to compete for the court marriage or not. As per the government rule, the minimum age of marriage for a boy is 21 years and the minimum age of marriage for a girl is around 18 years. The marriage registrar checks the age of both parties through Age proof documents.
  • The Application form is also the most important document for completing the court marriage. This document is available in the court to fill in the details that you and your partner have to fill in the columns which are asked and it should be duly signed by both parties.
  • A divorce certificate is required if one of the parties is divorced.
  • At least 1-1 Witness should be available at the time of marriage. Witnesses should have brought their Aadhar card as Local ID proof.
  • In the case of the Widow and spouse, the party will have to show the death certificate of their previous partner to the court.


Some other miscellaneous documents are required. If you want to know more about documentation then make a call at +91 7428075218 and book your counseling session with our highly professional and expert lawyer.



Note:- Payment facility in Vashisht Associates


You don’t have to pay a single amount before completing marriage. We only charge a single 500/- registration charge and after completing the marriage we’ll charge our reasonable court marriage fee from you. Also, a 100% refund facility is available for our customers in case they change their minds or their registration gets canceled due to any reason. Also, the customer only has to pay for their marriage certificate to start showing on the official government web portal.



Best Court Marriage Firm in Ghaziabad


We’re Vashisht Associates and we’re one of the most trusted and most popular Court Marriage Firms in Ghaziabad. We assure the completion of court marriage work for our customers effectively at highly competitive prices. We’ve completed thousands of court marriages in Ghaziabad and are always ready to welcome our new customers because we love to serve our premium services to society and also enhance awareness so that fake associates don’t cheat people.


If you have any queries then don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to serve you and as one of the most loving court marriage firms in Ghaziabad, it’s our responsibility to give you the right guidance. So, make a call on +917428075218 or Visit the Address:- 212, First Floor, Advocate Tower, Sadar Tehsil Ghaziabad, Main Tahsil Road, Gandhi Nagar, Ghaziabad – 201001  and meet our lawyer. Completing the hiring process and starting your counseling with our highly professional lawyers.