Court marriages in Delhi with no ceremony is possible ?

Yes, it is possible. If you don’t want to do a ceremony marriage or we can say traditional marriage then court marriage is the best option for you. You can also do a ceremony marriage under the provisions of court marriage by performing your marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.   But, in case … Read more

What is the difference between marriage registration and court marriage ?

Marriage registration and court marriage are the essence of each other. Court marriage in India will help the couple to get married under the provisions of judicial bodies in India. Marriage registration is a document that completely validates your marriage and acts as real evidence that the marriage is getting done under the full consent … Read more

Can a court marriage be performed in one day ?

Yes, there are specific provisions available for performing Tatkal court marriage, urgent court marriage, and One-day court marriage in India. Parties who want to perform a court marriage in just one day should go with marriage under a special marriage act.   In this act, they just need to apply for their marriage to the … Read more

What is the court-marriage process for foreigners in Delhi ?

If an Indian person wants to marry a girl or a boy who belongs to another country, this type of marriage is called a foreigner marriage. In India, marrying a girl or boy who belongs to any other country is completely legal if done under judicial rules and regulations.   Criteria   Both parties should … Read more

Can I marry someone without their parents’ consent ?

In India, the judicial law gives provision to parties who want to marry each other that they can marry each other without the consent of their parents.   To marry each other, parties should have to fulfill some eligibility criteria that are listed below: –     Age criteria   In India, the judicial bodies … Read more

Marriage registration Form Delhi

The marriage registration form Delhi is available online on the website of the court. The form can be accessed by anyone who wishes to register their marriage in Delhi. The form requires the following information: 1) Full name of the husband 2) Full name of the wife 3) Date of marriage 4) Place of marriage … Read more

Online Marriage Registration Delhi Login

If you’re getting married in Delhi, you can now register your marriage online! All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. To register your marriage online, simply visit the official website of the Delhi Marriage Registrar. From the homepage, click on the “Online Registration” link. This will take you to … Read more

How to reschedule marriage registration appointment

If you need to reschedule your marriage registration appointment, you can do so by contacting the office of the marriage registrar in Delhi. You will need to provide them with your full name, date of birth, address, and contact information. They will then give you a new appointment date and time.

Court marriage in Delhi Age limit 2024

The legal age for marriage in Delhi is 18 years for women and 21 years for men. If either of the partners is below these ages, they need to obtain special permission from the court. The process of court marriage in Delhi is simple and straightforward. You can either approach a lawyer or an NGO … Read more

Affidavit for Marriage Certificate Online

If you are getting married in Delhi, you will need to get a marriage certificate. The easiest way to do this is to apply for an Affidavit for Marriage Certificate online. To apply for an Affidavit for Marriage Certificate online, you will need to fill out a form and submit it to the Delhi court. … Read more