Can I marry someone without their parents’ consent ?

In India, the judicial law gives provision to parties who want to marry each other that they can marry each other without the consent of their parents.


To marry each other, parties should have to fulfill some eligibility criteria that are listed below: –



Age criteria


In India, the judicial bodies have already decided dedicated ages for both males and females that they have to be to marry each other. For getting married a male should be 21 or more years old and a female should be 18 or more years old.


Address criteria


Parties should have to give proof to the court that they’re the resident of the place in which they’ve applied for their court marriage.


Soundness and willingness


Parties will have to show that they’re completely sound and willing to perform marriage with each other. Any kind of forceful marriage is not considered a court marriage and it’s a punishable offense too in India.


Parties who fulfill all these criteria are allowed to perform a marriage in India. There is no need for their parents to get married.

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