Notarized Affidavit for Marriage Registration Delhi Online

A notarized affidavit is a document that is signed by a notary public. This document states that the information contained in the affidavit is true and correct. The notary public witnesses the signature of the person who is making the affidavit and attests to the fact that this person is who they say they are.

The affidavit must be signed in front of the notary public in order for it to be valid. The notary public will also stamp or seal the document. This document can then be used as evidence in court if necessary.

A notarized affidavit for marriage registration can be used to register your marriage in Delhi online. This document can be used as proof of your marriage when applying for a passport or other official documents. It is important to make sure that you complete all the required fields on the form and sign it in front of a notary public.

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